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 Ambiente psichico & Ricerca : Cinema
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Postato: 07 Ago 19 alle 11:02 | IP Salvato Riporta ylq123

The night sky of our school is not dark, it is dark blue,
walking in the frog's sound, I can clearly see the dark
blue night sky, many places are still occupied by large
clouds of gray clouds The stars that are sparsely pulled
apart are far away from each other, and there is no sign of
the constellation. However, the dark blue night is still
the same as that of a child, still so far, deep, full of
fantasy, really the same as a child. When I was young, I
liked to stare at the stars in the sky, and I tried to
count the stars. Oh, one, two, three... I reached out, the
round moon. The hand can be caught, and the stars can grab
a big one! Ha, it��s so fun! Thinking about it, I felt
that the round, furry, faint moon was in my hand, soft and
comfortable. I used a thin line to tie the stars in my
hands and took them cheerfully. Run, let them fly around
and fly! Fluorescent, flashing a little bit, the stars of
the five corners permeate the space around the body, full
of psychedelic colors after the elementary school, the
teacher told us that the flat ground we stood on is
actually a round planet ! God, fortunately, there is all
the gravity, otherwise we have to fall to other places!
Well, it seems that the warm yellow and clear sun is a
star, the surface temperature can be 6000 degrees Celsius,
and we usually drink only 100 degrees Celsius. This solar
energy burns people, no longer dare to think of the sun in
the hand. Played on! And the moon is a satellite that
surrounds my seemingly flat circular earth planet. The
surface is still pitted, not glowing, cold and cold, not
fun at all, so beautiful. Why did the fairy go to the
satellite? Our planet is also round, much better than
there? The most frustrating is the stars. They don't have
five horns at all. There is no place to tie the ropes. They
are round, like the sun, with 6000 degrees Celsius, or even
higher temperatures! It��s just because it��s far apart
, it looks so small! ! ! It turns out that
everything is fake so far apart, so far away I can't get
there even if I grow up. Just like when I was a child, I
feel that the chubby and stupid penguins in Antarctica are
so cute, but I don��t go there. There are many countries
in the country, there are many oceans, um, I heard those
countries and us. Very different! There are so many
wonderful animals in the sea that I have never seen before!
I really want to see along the way
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. The teacher said that we are farther away
from the stars than the penguins, how many strange things
this way! This damn is called universal gravity. Why do you
want to pull me? Otherwise, I can go along the road to see,
how good, then I went to junior high school, only to know
that going to space would have to be like a nephew like
Uncle Yang Liwei, but also to take a spaceship! But there
is no such force in space that is gravitational! Can move
freely! I really hope to go there and try. I am very happy.
The high school biology teacher said that one of the ways
of biological variation is to send it to space. The space
is full of various rays, which can cause the side of the
organism, but the harmful variation is far greater than the
beneficial. variation! Oh, it turns out that space and
simply is not a good place! Even if you walk, you must hold
the rope, or you will be washed away if you are not careful
, and you will always be lost in the dark
space! It turned out that the dark, deep, full of fantasy
night sky is so dangerous. The hot summer sun, I don't want
to go out of the dormitory, but the night is cool and
quiet, walking under the night, slightly breezy Face, the
white raft is stripped off by a trace, what a beautiful
night! A little flash of starlight, the cool moon in the
head of the Tibetan head, even the blossoming cloud is full
of dynamic, thin and thick, oh, guess what the frog sounds
between the roads represent? They are also discussing
whether the temperature is too high today? Still taking
advantage of this cool night, talk about this future frog,
or the former glorious deeds? Well, personally think it is
the latter.
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